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Plumbers Insurance CincinnatiNeed Plumbers Insurance in Cincinnati?

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Common mistake Made With Plumbers Insurance

Assuming that your homeowners insurance and automobile insurance will provide coverage for your business exposure.

Claim Scenario:

As a licensed plumber working for a local company you decide to make some extra income on the side doing plumbing work.  You advertise on Craigslist and a retired couple named Gina and Tony hires you to redo the plumbing in their upstairs bathroom.

You complete the job, are paid for your services and while the retired couple are on a cruise ship for three weeks, the pipes that you installed give way causing a large amount of water to flood the home causing the ceiling to collapse and other extensive damage to the first floor.

Gina and Tony arrive home and discovered that their home has extensive damage and they submit a claim to their insurance company. Gina and Tony’s insurance company are claiming that you are responsible for the damage and file a lawsuit against you for $42,000 to reclaim their losses.

You did not purchase plumbers liability insurance and so the $42,000 claim would need to be paid by yourself.

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