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Insurance for Electricians in Cincinnati

Interested in starting your own electrical contracting business, or is your business well established?   Call 513-662-7000 and speak with the insurance experts at Pathway Insurance.   We can help you find the best Electricians insurance in Cincinnati. Electricians insurance Ohio

No matter if you are a brand-new business or an existing business with many years of operation you need cost-effective Electricians Insurance Cincinnati.

We offer the best rates on Electricians Insurance in Cincinnati.

Business not located in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, or Indiana?

If your electrical contracting business is not located in the above states you can call 1-800-998-0662 and we will place you in contact with a representative in your area offering electricians insurance.   Or you can request an online insurance quote in the other 46 states by clicking on insurance for electricians

Insurance For Electricians in Cincinnati Is More Complicated Than You Think.

To protect yourself financially you should purchase the best coverage for your business needs. Unfortunately commercial insurance for electricians is much more complicated than you might realize.

We offer an electricians insurance coverage checklist specifically for your business that will help you choose the best electricians insurance in Ohio.

Insurance for electricians Could Include The Following:

  • Completed Operations – In the event of faulty grounding or wiring, power surges or power failures could lead to injury or property damage. One mistake could lead to catastrophic property loss or even loss of life. This coverage would be very important to have on your policy when you purchase insurance for your electrical contractor’s business. There are two types of policy that you can purchase, a claims made or an occurrence policy. Call our office to learn the major differences in the two.
  • Automobile Liability – An oversight that might be made by electricians is that they do not purchase commercial automobile insurance in Ohio for their business. If you are using your personal vehicles to transport yourself, employees, or equipment in your electrical contracting business and you are found to be at fault for an accident, the insurance company providing your personal automobile insurance might refuse to pay the claim due to the business usage exclusion in the car insurance policy.
  • Inland Marine – This endorsement to your commercial insurance policy for electricians may provide coverage for tools, ladders, and other equipment that you own or rent, including materials that are transported to various job sites. Your business is best protected when you purchase this coverage to protect your equipment.
  • Group Health Insurance Ohio – Many small businesses offer Ohio group health insurance to retain their best employees. For more information click on: Group health insurance Cincinnati

Which Insurance Plan For Your Business Is Best for Your Needs?

We can help you choose. Call 513-662-7000 for the best rates on insurance for electricians in Ohio. If you have businesses outside of these areas and you would like an insurance quote, Choose Business Insurance Quotes Cincinnati for companies offering the best rates on insurance for electricians.