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Landscapers Insurance CincinnatiIf you own a landscaping company you need the appropriate landscapers insurance. 

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Landscapers Insurance Cincinnati- Why You Need This Valuable Coverage? 

Landscaping companies normally start as a part-time business. Perhaps that was true for your landscaping business.

Simply starting a company does not guarantee success. It truly takes hard work and determination to build a successful business.  It also involves one important step that some fail to take that could spell complete disaster for your landscaping business.

Making This One Mistake Could Cause You to Lose Your Entire Business.

Making one simple insurance mistake can cause your landscaping business to come completely unraveled and that’s why you need to contact our company about the best program for Landscapers Insurance Cincinnati. (Call 513-662-7000, or toll-free 800-998-0662) 

Let’s discuss an insurance claims scenario involving a successful landscaping business. 

Robert and Stephen started their landscaping business out of their garage and after a few years they needed to hire help. The place an ad in Craigslist and they hire George. 

George has a strong back and a strong work ethic but a very bad driving record that neither Robert nor Stephen bothered to check because they were too busy. 

Robert hands over the keys to his Ford F250 that was insured under his personal auto policy to George and tells him to pick up a load of mulch in the trailer that is towed by his truck and he will meet him at the customers home in the other truck Robert owns. 

As George is leaving the mulch lot with his load secured in the trailer he gets a call from Robert to hurry up as the client is getting impatient so George puts the pedal to the metal to beat a yellow light as he is turning left at a certain intersection. 

George did not see the minivan driving through the same yellow light in the opposite direction as he was trying to beat the yellow light and the minivan makes impact with the trailer resulting in a very serious injury to the driver who was hospitalized for three months! 

Robert and Stephen are insured with the same insurance company for their automobiles and they promptly turn the claim in. 

A letter is mailed to Robert and Stephen denying the claim by their insurance company and on the exact same day they are served with lawsuit papers seeking $2 million because of the severe injury George caused to the driver of the minivan.

Robert and Stephen are forced to sell their successful landscaping business to a competitor to pay for the $2 million judgment.

Why Did the Insurance Company Deny the Claim?

Robert and Steven never bothered to purchase commercial auto insurance for their landscaping business. They assumed that their personal auto policy would be sufficient, not realizing that personal auto policies may exclude business activities in most instances.

Landscapers Insurance Cincinnati – It’s More Complicated Than You Might Imagine.

As the above fictitious story illustrates, one insurance mistake could cause you to lose your entire landscaping business.  That’s why it’s important for you to clearly understand what is and is not covered by insurance.

Best Program Available for Landscapers Insurance Cincinnati

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